Introducing ArchMillTM 1

Cutting and polishing aligners by hand is hard.
Now, there's a robot that does it for you.

ArchMill is the first fully-integrated 5-axis desktop aligner trimming machine built to scale in-office aligner manufacturing.
Go from a thermoformed model to a perfectly trimmed aligner in a single click.
"While working in conjunction with Archform for four years and using the ArchMill,  it has increased and improved the quality of my aligners.  I can deliver aligners cut in a straight cut or following the contours of the teeth in a standardized way for each patient. "

Luis Gonzolez

Orthodontist, Company name

How it Works

A Robot that Makes Aligner and Retainers in Your Office —
with a Single Click.

Fully Automated Trimpath Generation

ArchForm's tooth movement software automatically creates an adjustable trim path of the aligner. In the settings, you can choose between a scalloped or straight edge, and everything in-between. In one click, the trim path is converted to machine code and uploaded to the cloud.

Easy Model Loading

Loading thermoformed models into the machine takes less than a second due to our patent-pending model holder. The geometry to attach the model to the machine is printed into the back of the model. You do not need to thermoform the model using a special plate, or do any steps between thermoforming and milling.

Vision System Detects Model

An AI-enabled camera detects the models, reads a code on the model and tells the onboard computer which trim path to use.

Trim Path Loaded from Cloud

The trim path is downloaded from ArchForm's cloud onto the onboard computer, and the trim path is run with the click of a button.

45-Second Trim Time

The ArchMill cuts out the aligner in less than a minute using an aligner optimized milling bit. The edge of the aligner stays consistent from aligner to aligner, and from patient to patient.

Smooth Edge Without Polishing

The resulting aligner has a smooth edge that does not require additional polishing in most cases. Since the path is followed so exactly, it feels smooth to the touch and in the mouth. Sometimes minimal polishing is required around the molars or on cutouts.

Automated Retainer Workflow

A fully automated retainer workflow is coming soon that automatically trims your scans, adds a base, and generates a trimline that can be cut out on the ArchMill. This is let you make retainers with almost zero software interaction and automated production.

Supports Cutouts & Hooks

Customized cutouts and hooks can be added in the ArchForm software and are automatically cut out as part of the ArchMill workflow — with no extra steps.

Seamless Integration with ArchForm's Powerful Tooth Movement Software.

ArchForm's simple, powerful software makes it easy to have direct control over your clear aligner setups. Fine-tune your staging, attachments, IPR, and many other features at the click of a button.