Design and produce aligners in your office with easy-to-use software.

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Simple, powerful software gives you full control over treatment

ArchForm's simple, powerful software makes it easy to have greater control over your clear aligner setups, without the back and forth with clinicians. Fine-tune your staging, attachments, IPR, and many other features at the click of a button.

ArchForm software automatically prepares models for printing

From finishing the treatment plan to starting a print, a lot of valuable time is lost on preparing printable .stls. ArchForm‘s planning software exports and automatically optimizes your files for printing.
Auto labeling
Imprints onto the aligner
Vertical printing support 
With optimized printing tilt
Hollow model
With internal honeycomb support

Faster refinements

Keep your patients on track by turning around refinements in one day instead of weeks. Instantly adjust treatments mid-course for faster treatment and more precise results.

Save money

Make aligners from your 3D printer for $10 each compared to $50 per aligner from traditional suppliers. Or let ArchForm make and ship branded packaged aligners directly to your office.

Start right away

Don’t make your patients wait when they’ve decided on getting a smile they love. Printing arches, forming, and trimming aligners are made quickly and easily with ArchForm’s workflow.

Support when you need it

Get the support you need with step-by-step workflow guides, free training, live clinical support, and access to the ArchForm user group, a dedicated community of expert users.

How it works: Make aligners in six steps


ArchForm integrates with all intraoral scanners. Upload .stl files in just a few clicks.


Save time with auto segmentation and go straight to planning your treatment: just place teeth into the final position and the software generates all the stages for that movement.


Auto export settings skip the tedious print prep process so you can go straight to printing models. The hollow model export option saves 50% of resin costs.


Print models using your in-office printer.


Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts.


Begin treatment same-day or alter treatment midcourse without wasting valuable treatment time.

Save up to 82% of your lab bill

Calculate exactly how much your office can start saving

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Skip the setup, the print job, or both.

ArchForm offers more than one way to make aligners.

Get treatment plans by real orthodontists

Upload scans to ArchForm’s software and send to our team of
ortho experts for a full treatment plan, ready to print.

Upgrade to Form Aligners made by precision robots

Form Aligners are made with trilayer Flexform plastic by precision robots in our California facility. Get better results with quality aligners at half the cost.
1. Data on file. Based on an average distribution of cases and leading competitor price for an average Orthodontist customer.