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Version 1.4.6

Introducing cloud segmentation and new attachment shapes

February 12, 2021

In the latest version of ArchForm, we’ve added a few features based on feedback from our users.  We’ve added faster segmentation, more control over the staging based on different movement types, new attachments, and better print preparation.

Faster segmentation

When you are ready to segment teeth, you will have two options, either locally or the cloud. This means that even if you don’t have a very fast computer, you won’t be left waiting for many minutes for segmentation to complete. Instead, we anonymously transfer your files to our powerful 32-core server and do the processing for you.

New Attachment Shapes

Included in this update are a couple features that give the orthodontist better control over the treatment. We have added six new attachment shapes to allow for more movement control. We designed shapes that should be familiar to you.If you have any new attachment shapes or modifications to the existing ones that you want, just let us know and we can add them for you

View changing buttons

You can now easily change your view of a model by selecting the orientation you want with the view buttons in the lower left of the screen. 

Better Movement Control

To give you further control of the planning of the treatment, you now have the option to set the amount of movement for each stage for each type of movement. For example, you may want to intrude a tooth at a different rate than you extrude a tooth. This can now be done in the settings panel, where you can decide the exact amount of movement per stage for each direction. 

Print Orientation

Lastly, you now have the option to export models that are already rotated to lay flat on your 3D printer’s build platform. To do this, select “Horizontal” from the xyz menu in the settings.

We hope you find the features helpful. We are always interested to hear any feedback you have for our software. You can email us at