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Version 1.8.4

Multiple attachments, easy IPR editing, and IPR report

February 12, 2021

We're excited to release a new update to ArchForm that includes many features you have been asking for - including multi-attachments, easier IPR editing, and automatic IPR reports.

Easier IPR Editing

You can now change the IPR amount with a single click, and the teeth will automatically move to accommodate that amount of IPR - without manually moving each tooth. It does this by reducing the arch circumference without changing inner-canine width.

Multiple Attachments per Tooth

You can now add more than one attachment to each tooth. This will help improve clinical predictability, especially for root angulation, anchorage control, and space closure.

We have also added new attachments to our library as well as improved the design of some existing attachments, based on your feedback.

Automatic IPR Report

You will now find an automatically generated .pdf report detailing all IPR that needs to be performed. In conjunction with the IPR Report, we have added a tooth-marking step to identify which teeth are absent.