Get treatment plans by real orthodontists

Send scans and treatment objectives to ArchForm’s design team directly from the dashboard. Trust better clinical results via a clinical team with experience in over 250,000 clear aligner cases.
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Saves you time and hassle

Streamline your clear aligner workflow with setup services. Our orthodontists follow your prescription to ensure that you spend minimal time and effort to diagnose and setup your case. Scale your practice with total peace of mind.

Setups that will actually work with aligners

Not all setups translate to great results. An optimized treatment plan begins with the end in mind and ultimately ensures your case will provide the most clinically predictable and stable outcome.

Setups by an experienced team of orthodontists

ArchForm’s clinical team is made up of real orthodontists, not technicians. With experience in over 300,000 clear aligner cases, and less than a 25% refinement rate, trust our experts to get great results.

Skip the back-and-forth with editable alignment

We got rid of the conventional back-and-forth with technicians, wasting days to request a change. Simply click on a tooth and move it yourself in our 3D software, then export it all in a few minutes.

How it works

Submit prescription

ArchForm integrates with all intraoral scanners. Create a new case in a few clicks.

Review and approve

Review setup and request changes if needed. Or make changes yourself from ArchForm software.

Export or order aligners

Get print-ready exports in 3-5 days, or order Form Aligners from our California facility.

Simple, powerful software gives you full control over treatment

ArchForm's simple, powerful software makes it easy to have greater control over your clear aligner setups, without the back and forth with clinicians. Fine-tune your staging, attachments, IPR, and many other features at the click of a button.

Skip the print job.

ArchForm offers more than one way to make aligners.

Upgrade to Form Aligners made by precision robots

Form Aligners are made with three layer Flexform plastic by precision robots in our California facility. Get better results with quality aligners at half the cost.
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