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Announcing No Price Increase

Others are raising their prices - we are keepings ours where they are
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April 12, 2024

In an era of unexpected price hikes across the sector, Archform, a pioneer in 3D software for orthodontists, has taken a stand by doing absolutely nothing—on pricing, that is. While others like announce significant increases, Archform is steadfastly holding its ground, choosing to keep prices exactly where they are. “We thought about making a big change,” says Andrew Martz, CEO of Archform, “and then we decided the most radical move was to ensure our customers can continue their day without a pricing surprise from us.”

This decision might not make the evening news, but for orthodontists relying on Archform’s software to create aligners directly in their offices, it’s a quiet nod to consistency. It's about offering a stable foundation in the swiftly evolving world of orthodontic technology, allowing professionals to focus on patient care instead of budget adjustments.

Archform’s commitment to maintaining current prices reflects a deeper understanding of what its clients value most: reliability, not just in software, but in the partnership they have come to expect from a leader in dental technology innovation. For more information on how Archform continues to support orthodontic practices with cutting-edge, cost-stable solutions, please reach out.