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Launching v2.3

Written by
Andrew Martz
Published on
June 26, 2024

We're excited to announce an update to our software, designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow like never before. This release encompasses a broad spectrum of improvements and new features, all developed with your feedback and the evolving needs of our industry in mind.

Here's a glimpse of what's new —

New Rendering Style

Discover new visualization styles and rendering modes for a more realistic representation of surface details and occlusion areas.

Easier Attachment Selection

Experience simplified editing with our combined attachment/bite stop/cutout/hook panels, offering support for diverse shapes on the same tooth and innovative customization options.

Edit Attachments, Bite Stops, and Cutouts/Hooks all in one place

We have unified the editing mode for attachments, bite stops, and cutouts and hooks into a single place. We also allow for easier editing of attachment and bite stop rotations.

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate our software more efficiently with additional keyboard shortcuts, including new built-in modes for tooth movement control.

Bolton Analysis Panel

Dive into more detailed clinical measurements with our improved Bolton analysis panel, featuring 3-3 and 6-6 mandibular excess numbers as well as tooth width measurements for each tooth, 6-6.

Advanced Tooth Movement & Planning

Leverage improved tooth movement reset options, multi-selection modes, and more precise treatment planning tools.

Trim-Line Generation Enhancements

Enjoy more efficient trim-line calculation, customizable editing points, and system-wide smoothness settings.

Control Blockout on a Tooth-by-Tooth Basis

Utilize our new blockout mode for selective teeth enhancement and customizable thickness.

Pontic Shape Fitting

Benefit from better pontic shape fitting, updated user interface elements, and smoother startup processes.

New Occlusal Contact Style

A new heatmap style visualization shows you exactly where the contact points are colliding the most, and presents the data in a way that is familiar to many.

Customizable Tooth Selection Color

You can now select from a number of preset colors, or select one of your own.

General Enhancements & Bug Fixes

From new file formats for easier patient data management to various bug fixes, we've made numerous tweaks to improve your overall experience.

We are already working on some small improvements in the coming weeks, as well as a major release around May.

Thanks again for your support

The ArchForm Team