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Easy-to-Use Orthodontic Treatment Planning Software for

Transform your Practice with Same-Day Starts, Increased Profitability, and Better Clinical Control.

How ArchForm Can Transform Your Practice

Streamline your orthodontic workflow and improve patient outcomes with our advanced technology.

Plan your Treatments in 10 Min.
Without the Back-and-Forth.

Go from a scanned .stl file to a setup in minutes with automated trimming, segmentation, and automatic alignment.

Same-Day Starts.

With in-office 3D printing, you can deliver an aligner or IDB tray in as little as 30 min,
setting your practice apart and exceeding patient expectations.

Start with braces.
Finish with aligners.

Combine the traditional fixed appliance as a starting point, and finish with aligners for quicker finishes, and giving all your patients the option to debond sooner, while speeding up finishing.

Increased Profitability

ArchForm can reduce your aligner bill by over 50%, while also increasing practice efficiency and reducing delays - all of which increase your bottom line.

Grow your Practice

With reduced aligner cost, you can pass the savings on to your patients which can help you gain more patients and close more treatment opportunities.
3D Design Software

Design Treatments Yourself for Better Control and Outcomes.

At ArchForm, we believe that orthodontists should have the ability to craft treatments according to their expertise. Our software lets you design treatments, ensuring greater control over the entire process. Take advantage of ArchForm's innovative solutions to enhance patient care and achieve outstanding results.
Automatic Alignment
Automatic Attachments
Advanced Staging, and many more features...

Manage your Patients and Orders

Effortlessly place orders for design services and aligners using our intuitive interface. Stay organized by tracking production, whether it's for your in-office lab or external manufacturing.

Outsource Manufacturing and Setup Services

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Keep Track of Your Patients

Sort your patients with advanced filtering, and keep track of everything that has been done for a specific patient.

Your Treatment Plan — Made your Way

Discover unparalleled flexibility in how you implement your treatment planning, allowing you to treat your patient with the right product for them. Seamlessly switch between braces and aligners, or choose your preferred aligner production method: direct print, in-office, or ready-made. Enjoy flexibility like never before.

Factory-Made Aligners

Aligners made and shipped to you from our robotic factory in California at a breakthrough price. Aligner packaging can also be custom branded to your office.

In-Office Thermoforming

3D print models and make aligners in your office to get patients started right away, and for maximum cost savings.

Direct Print Aligners

3D print aligners directly with MemoryForm™ shape memory material.

Indirect Bonding

Bond brackets with digital precision

Orthodontists Worldwide Love ArchForm

Hear how ArchForm has improved the practices of our users.
"For every person out there who wants to start in digital ortho, ArchForm is hands down the most user-friendly software out there, and I have tested all of them. Combining design, powerful tools, and a friendly interface is what makes ArchForm my #1 tool for my practice and for my students."
Gabriel Baumeier
“ArchForm is the most user-friendly 3D software available today. It has helped me over the years not only in doing my in-house aligners but also in conventional orthodontics as well. I use ArchForm to assist me in planning 100% of my cases today.”
Prof. Renato Martins
"After testing almost every in-office aligner software, I found that Archform was the best. It’s changed the way I practice in every way. Finishing treatment after braces, hybrid treatment, and full treatment are all made easier. They are constantly improving and adding features that make treatment planning better."
Dr. Aaron Swap

ArchForm is a Global Leader in Digital Orthodontics

Join the community of doctors who trust ArchForm and discover for yourself why ArchForm is the preferred choice for innovation, usability, and savings.
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